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Advancing Industry Leaders

msg industry advisors enhance the performance of companies along the entire value chain in production.

We focus on the tasks and challenges the technical areas are faced with: namely, the operationalization of company strategies and their implementation into business processes; the organization of business-critical systems and IT architectures. Thereby we consider each industry’s regulations and framework. We turn strategy into operations.

Our consulting approach is designed to ensure our customers’ sustainability and efficiency – regardless of whether modifying a business model to satisfy changing market requirements and trends, such as digitization or Industry 4.0, or enhancing efficiency and compliance programs to improve competitive capabilities, or even making sure efforts to meet regulatory requirements remain manageable.

The Facts: Short and Sweet

Who Are We?

We are the msg Group’s business consultants for the producing industry.

What Do We Do?
What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?
Where Do We Work?
What Is Our Goal?

msg industry advisors’ Management Team

Christoph Piller

Vice President

Our method is simple and efficient: instead of observing, we participate – with passion and dedication.

Dr. Andreas Röttgermann

Vice President

We are experts you can rely on. Because we know from our own experience what makes your business tick.

Harald Stricker

Vice President

Our work is based on the big picture and we create sustainable solutions for you that continue to be viable in the future as well.

Thomas Praska


Our mission is clear: we think ahead and move you into the lead. We make you more agile and enhance your performance.

Dr. Jürgen Zehetmaier


You can rely on us. As part of the powerful msg Group, we stand for solidarity and reliability.