Holistic Consulting Approach to Business Process Management

Companies need robust, efficient and flexible processes in order to keep the complexity and dynamics of their business under control. The implementation of company-wide business process management (BPM) helps reduce managerial complexity, administrative effort and error frequency, while achieving a high level of compliance and enabling the seamless integration of technological innovations into the company’s own business processes.

msg industry advisors’ holistic approach supports companies during the optimization and standardization of their business processes. Based upon an established methodology, successful branch-specific approaches and custom technological solutions, we analyze the business-critical processes and identify concrete optimization and standardization potential.

Furthermore, we ensure the implemented process architecture keeps up with changes in markets and business models through the qualification of and the establishment of continuous improvement processes. Our services within the expertise of business process management specifically include:

  • Analysis, standardization and optimization of business processes
  • Use and rollout of BPM methods, such as Lean Six Sigma
  • Establishment of a process governance architecture (organization, processes, tools)
  • Creation of process maps as a basis for organizational changes
  • Process documentation as the basis for IT implementations
  • Establishment of a process-oriented approach for introducing global SAP templates
  • Providing BPM qualification programs
  • Technical support during the implementation and operation of BPM platforms

We have proven competence in the management of critical business processes, as shown by numerous successful projects. The following are just a few examples:

Optimization of a Generics Budget Planning Process

Analysis of a highly complex planning process and first-ever presentation of the end-2-end workflows and connections for all parties involved. Continued optimization of the process through the implementation of an integrated planning solution tailored to the specific business demands of generic products.

Global Standardization of Production Processes
Efficient, Global and Standardized Management of Master Batch Records
Design of a Concept for the SAP BPM Competence Center
Documentation and Optimization of Patient Care Processes

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