Solutions for Integrated Compliance and Risk Management

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to operate in compliance with the numerous regulatory requirements, particularly in the Life Science industry. Noncompliance can pose an existential threat to a company, possibly involving extensive civil and criminal consequences, financial losses and damage to a company’s image.

msg industry advisors is a reliable partner on the road to achieving compliance excellence. During this process we act along the entire pharmaceutical value chain and combine the regulatory frameworks of drug laws with the requirements for data protection and information security.

comliance eratungsansatzCompliance Excellence: Holistic Consulting Approach

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Christoph Piller

Christoph Piller

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Compliance at a Glance

Our complete coverage of all key competence and technological fields allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for integrated compliance and risk management, including expert and professional implementation. Our programs specifically include the following focal points:

Compliance Governance

Establishment of a professional and organizational framework for a successful, company-wide implementation of qualification and validation processes pursuant to cGMP.

SAP System Validation
Qualification and Validation
Enterprise Record Management
IT Compliance Risk Profiling
IT Infrastructure Compliance
Life Cycle Management for Computerized Systems
IT System Decommissioning
Safe Harbor
Further Topics