Increasing Efficiency Along the Entire Value Chain

No other sector is as dependent on global trends as the consumer goods industry. Political and economic crises, natural catastrophes, new technologies and ever-changing consumer mindsets and values have a fast and direct impact on business results.

To master these complex and dynamic challenges, companies must have flexible and robust processes, efficient risk management and well-controlled supply networks in place. Furthermore, new technologies, such as predictive analytics, Internet-of-Things-based architectures or mobility solutions, open up opportunities to advance business models and increase efficiency along the entire value chain.

msg industry advisors supports companies in the consumer industry with its wide portfolio of consulting services, with a special focus on the topics of supply network and business process management:

  • Analysis of the entire global supply network and establishment of continuous monitoring of performance, cost and risk
  • Creation of stable planning and forecasting routines to control the entire value chain, from production to distribution
  • Global footprint planning for the development of new procurement and production sites
  • Realization of efficiency and cost reduction potentials through the digitalization of central processes
  • Spare part and material replenishment strategies and concepts

Overview: msg Supply Chain Analytics

msg Supply Chain Analytics deliver meaningful results just in time, based upon comprehensive data analysis.

  • Consideration of all data and aspects of the supply chain (purchasing, planning, materials planning, production, distribution)
  • Precise KPI reports – tailored to meet our customers’ needs – for more than 20 years
  • Comprehensive data analysis “at the touch of a button” – considerable time savings compared to standard BI or comparable systems
  • Supply Chain Planning – forecasting / retrograde / simulation

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